How To Check EPF Balance Online From Pune? Find Address & Contact Numbers

The functioning of Employee’s Provident Fund office at Pune is a place where the EPF regulatory authority must have to look upon. The contributors to such EPF at Pune office have loads of complain against them. The most frequent complaints are like:

Non receipt PF money after submitting the Withdrawal Form several months (even sometime more than a year) before,

  • No response or communication from the office,
  • Delaying in transferring the fund balance to other EPF office
  • Archetypal government approach
  • Staffs are often withdrawn from this office for duties in other government departments.

The regional EPF office organised a Bhavishya Nidhi Adalat’on October 12, 2009, to rectify the complaints and settling the disputes on claims and pensions. They issued yearly account slips to the contributors.

They should organize such Adalats more often for the redressal of the investors’ grievances.

Now Check Your EPF Balance Online From Pune

You may know your EPF balance online from Pune from the following link. epf opune. /balance.aspx.

  • The procedures involved are: {Log in the above link}
  • Put your establishment code and check the correct name of your employer (it is within your PF Account Number).
  • Then add your extension code
  • Put your employee ID< Click on the ‘Claim Status’

EPF Office Contact Number ( City Pune)

Address of Employee’s Provident Fund Office, Pune:

Regional offices address and Contact Numbers:

(i)                Regional Office

Pune Cantonment Board Building 2nd & 3rd Floor.
Near Golibar Maidan, Camp, Pune-411001 (Maharashtra).

Name Designation Phone Number Fax
STD Code(020)
Shri F Joseph R.P.F.C (I) 26444039 26456145
Smt. V Aundhkar Steno 26444039
Shri A Kumar R.P.F.C (II) 26454230
Shri N. Sakpal R.P.F.C (II) 26454231
Shri V. Patil A.P.F.C 26402117
    do 26402118
Miss U. Shode     do 26402119
Smt. Di Shaikh     do 26402120
Shri D. Yadav     do 26402143
P.R.O 26449151, 26449150,

(ii)              Annex Building (S.A.O), E.P.F.Organisation Pradhikaran,
Sector-28, Commercial Complex. Sanjay Kale Sabha Griha,
Akurdi, Pune – 411 035.

Shri J.V Dhayagude A.P.F.C 27640791 27655908
P.R.O 27655421
Shri P.B Khune A.P.F.C 27658911

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