How To Pay MTNL Landline Bill Online: Garuda, Dolphin Bill Payment

If you are a debit or credit holder or have Net Banking account you can avail the facility on condition that your desired bank have a service link with MTNL.

  • If you have a land line bill, browse the MTNL Self care Homepage and go to land line bill payment. You have to fill your Consumer Account or CA Number and telephone number here.
  • If you do not know what is your CA Number check your previous MTNL receipt or bill.
  • Now you have to click the payment option.
  • This charge is entirely free on the part of MTNL, for bank charges you have to consult your bank.
  • You can pay the bill either using Net Banking or your debit/credit card.
  • If you have passed the last payment date, a late fee will be added to your bill amount.
  • Your payment will be processed through Self care, MTNL and will be updated instantly.

After a successful transaction you will get a printable receipt with a transaction ID and details of the transaction.

This copy should be preserve as a document of online payment. A second copy will be sent to you by Email.

Online Payment Of MTNL Garuda And Dolphin Bills

If you want to pay your MTNL Dolphin or Garuda Bill online, here are the steps you may follow:

  • Log in to or; Go to the online payment option.
  • Put your CA or Consumer Account number. If you do not know, check any previous bill.
  • Enter your MTNL Phone number.
  • Click the Details View button and fill with information asked for.
  • Complete the transaction by clicking Pay Online.

It is compulsory to provide your correct contact numbers & Email ID; otherwise, their representative cannot contact you in need.

MTNL Mumbai offers 1% discount if any consumer dials to 1296 for paying land line bill. If the bill is paid before the due date the discount is subject to a maximum of Rs 250.

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