How To Pay HDFC Credit Card Bill From HDFC, ICICI Bank Or Citibank

There are many ways to pay the outstanding amount on your HDFC credit card. You neither have to visit any branch nor stand in a long queue. Neither it is essential to have an account in HDFC bank. Here we will explain you the ways.

You can make the payment by various options like Drop Box, Net Banking and NEFT from HDFC bank account. You can also make the payment thru ICICI bank or Citibank.

The different ways to pay outstanding amount on HDFC credit card:

Through Automated Teller Machine (ATM): If you have a current or savings account in HDFC bank just visit any ATM counter of HDFC and transfer the money from your bank account to your credit account.

Net Banking:  If you have a net banking account with HDFC bank whether current or savings, you can any time at the convenience of your home, can transfer fund online from your bank account to settle the outstanding amount on HDFC credit card.

Money transfer by Visa: A Visa debit card holder can transfer fund by HDFC Net Nanking online anywhere in India.
Standing Instructions: If you are a HDFC bank account holder you can give written instruction to the bank to deduct either the total or up to a certain amount due on your HDFC bank credit card from your bank account. However, your account should be held either solely or “either or any” mandate.
Through NEFT: NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer is the cheapest and one of the quickest ways for money transfer. If you have the HDFC Bank’s IFSC Code (HDFC0000128 used for NEFT and RTGS transactions) the money from your account of any bank will be transferred to HDFC Card Account within the next day of sending.
Through Drop Box: Write a cheque pay able to the HDFC Card A/C with your card number (16 digits) and drop it any of the 1600 HDFC ATMs or 750 branches in India.

Pay Cash: This is the oldest method. Visit any HDFC branch and pay the amount due on your HDFC credit card account over the counter.

Cash or payments through ATM may involve a processing charge.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Through ICICI Bank

If you are an ICICI bank account holder, you can pay the money due on HDFC credit card bill by either of the way, (a) Net banking or (b) NEFT.

(a)  Net banking: Enter your user name and password in the ICICI Bank’s official website. If you do not have any password contact ICICI customer care at 044 23128000 or 9849578000. Click the menu at account transfer, put your credit card details and bill amount. Complete the transaction.

(b)  NEFT: Log in to your ICICI online account, Click  “Fund Transfers” & “Non ICICI Bank Accounts in India”, then write your name, Payee’s name as per ICICI Bank’s record, type of your ICICI bank account, IFSC code of HDFC bank, give your credit card number, confirm the 16 digit card number. If your mobile number is registered with ICICI bank, they will send you a message that you have to enter for confirming payee section for registration and complete the payment.

Payment Of HDFC Credit Card Bill From Citiank

You can pay your HDFC credit card bill from your Citibank Bank account through ECS facility. There is another mode known as NEFT which is the cheapest and best way of online transfer, only thing you will need to know is the IFSC Code of HDFC Bank (HDFC0000128 used for NEFT and RTGS transactions).

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