How To Check CIBIL Status Online: Get Your Credit Report And Score

CIBIL is a storehouse of information on the credit history of the consumers and commercial borrower that provides information to its members and also to the consumers and borrowers upon the fulfillment of certain conditions. When it was first introduced in India there were 4 initial equity stake holders of CIBIL, HDFC, SBI, Transunion International Incorporation and D & B Information Services India Pvt Ltd in the ratio of 40: 40: 10: 10.

However, presently it has included other different categories of lenders like the following– SBI, ICICI, HDFC (all of them with 10% holding each), Bank of India, HSBC Ltd, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Citicorp Finance, Union Bank of India, Standard Chartered Bank (all with 5% holding), D & B Information Service India Private Limited has retained 0.01% only, Transunion International Incorporation 19.99%, Sundaram Finance and GE Strategic Investment India with 2.50% holding each.

The scores awarded by CIBIL are based on the following information:

  • Borrower’s records of all credit facilities availed.
  • History of past payment.
  • Overdue amount.
  • Number and frequency of inquiries made by different members on that borrower.
  • Status of filed suit, if any.

Check Name In CIBIL Defaulter List And Get Credit Report

You can check your credit history or CIBIL status and also know whether you are in their default list or not yourself. Always remember there is no authorized agent of CIBIL anywhere. If you need to know your credit rating you have to approach them yourself.

This you can do online or by visiting their office at:

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited,
Post Box No 421, Industrial Estate, Wagle. Post Office, Thane. PIN 400 604;

or at

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited,

Disclosure Request, Consumer Relations,
Hoechst House, 193, Back bay Reclamation, 6th Floor,

Nariman Point, Mumbai, PIN 400 021.

If you want to know your CIR or Credit Information Report from CIBIL or your Transunion score including CIR, you have to deposit a demand draft with CIBIL of Rs 142 in their favor; if you want to have both Transunion score and CIR the charges come to Rs 450. The score begins from 300. The maximum score is 900; higher scores are favored by the credit institutions.

  • First you log in to site
  • Choose the extent of information you need whether CIR only or CIR plus Transunion score.
  • Submit current proof of address like Bank statement or Telephone bill  or Electricity bill.
  • Submit valid proof of identity like Voter’s ID or PAN or Passport.
  • Pay the prescribed fee as mentioned above through online or by a demand, draft payable at Mumbai.
  • Submit the complete form with proof of your payment.

This is way you can know all your CIR score and whether you are in their default list or not. If you are not satisfied with their report or found some discrepancies or need some clarification, may mail them at or call at 022 614 04 300 (10A.M to 6 P. M, Monday to Friday) with copies of documents supporting your claim.

Sometime they disagree to modify any information on their record on the argument that it is not their responsibility to modify the information unless the member concerned to such information modifies or confirms.

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