What Is ICICI Bank Money to India Service? How Do I Get Promo Code?

ICICI Bank’s Money to India is a unique service and has relieved many Indians settled abroad who make regular or occasional remittance to their friends and relatives in India. This service is quite easy to operate, it is fast, convenient and comes with a very reasonable cost; the exchange rate offered is probably the best in the market—people do not have to visit banks again and again. The process of remittance through money 2 India (as it also called) is very simple, any person with simple knowledge or any user of computer internet can handle , what you need is an User’s ID and a Password of your own that will help you to login.

In addition to this on-line service, they have an off-line option also. You can choose any option as per your convenience.

ICICI Money to India Review

The fees and charges for ICICI Money to India depends on some factors like the country of remittance, transfer mode, currency of the sender’s and account, mode of disbursal and the amount of remittance to India. If an NRI, who remits regular money to India, choose ICICI Money 2India, it may be the best decision for him.

They have a calculator tool online so that any person intend to use this system can know the Bank’s deductable charges beforehand involved in the transfer.

The users of ICICI Money 2 India are quite satisfied with their service. They can any time check the prevailing exchange rate at ICICI online and decide upon when it is best to remit. The operation is very simple and described below:

1) Log in http://icicibank.com/ and select money transfer under NRI section.

2) Create your own “Money 2 India Account”.

3) Select the Power Transfer service.

4) Fill in a form with detail like amount, select branch of the bank to remit from list.

5) ICICI provides information how to wire fund to your nearest ICICI Bank or at their New York branch with a reference number that to be send by the wire transfer. Carry all to your bank so that they can transfer your money.

6) That is enough to complete your job of remittance.

7) You can check the remittance status online. Normally it takes 2 to 4 days to reach.

ICICI Money to India Promo Code (What is It? Where to Get)

Customers of ICICI NRI Edge making remittance through Money 2 India will get a privileged rate of an additional Re 0.10 on the prevailing exchange rate.

The offer is valid for currencies like US $, GB Pound, CAN $, EURO, SG $, CHF currencies and AU $ and only in places where Money to India.com service is accessible.

All customers of NRI Edge registered on ICICI Money to India are entitled for this privileged rate. An e-mail intimating this information with own specific promo code will be communicated to all registered NRI edge customers.

The customer has to contact at nrinfo@icicibank.com specifying the promo code to activate the preferential rate.

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  1. PK

    This is the most useless way sending money to India. The customer service is awful and they only reply to your requests via email and they ignore your emails. It’s taken 22 days for a transfer till now and still counting.

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